Living Rights

Living Rights Project (LRP) is a two-year project to encourage the successful inclusion and participation of EU citizens living in the UK.

The project, which started in December 2015 and runs until December 2017, is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union. There are 10 delivery partners across the UK, led by the Law Centre Partners Network; ISCRE covers the whole of the East England.

LRP delivers free information and advice to support EU citizens to be aware of their legal rights and know how to access services through events, information sessions and the recruitment of Community Champions volunteers, who can help to spread awareness of the project and support member of their communities to attend our activities.

LRP also delivers workshops to public officials, local politicians and policymakers to enhance their understanding of the rights of EU citizens with regards education, health, employment, health, immigration and social care.

Over the lifetime of the project, we aim to deliver:

  • 16 Awareness Raising Events for at least 128 EU Citizens
  • 40 One Stop Shop Information Sessions for at least 240 EU Citizens
  • 8 Workshops for at least 64 public officials
  • 1 Civic Participation Event for at least 25 participants
  •  Community Champion recruited

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