ISCRE has provided the town of Ipswich and Suffolk with a racial equality team since 1977

Supporting individuals and communities we work to create a Suffolk where everyone has the best opportunities they can get, no matter their racial background. Our commitment to a fairer Suffolk drives us to challenge racial inequalities from all areas.

Becoming a member

ISCRE is a membership organisation and we have always found our members to bring a wealth of enthusiasm, support, input, and commitment to the organisation.  We are currently looking for new members to join us. To become a member, we would be happy for you to get in touch with us.
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Making a donation

We are a charity whose work relies entirely on grants and your donations. If you would like to support our work challenging racism and campaigning for better services and equality of opportunity for all people in Suffolk, you can donate today through the following ways:
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Volunteer with us

ISCRE has over the years provided several volunteering opportunities to members of our community who are committed to helping us work towards a fairer Suffolk. We currently have vacancies for volunteers, contact us for an initial discussion.
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