Our work

ISCRE exists to provide a platform to Suffolk’s marginalised communities to engage constructively with key stakeholders in mainstream service provision. We foster community cohesion by encouraging strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds, alongside a recognition of the value of diversity.

ISCRE’s purpose is to embed human rights and equality values in the hearts and minds of organisations and individuals primarily in Suffolk.
We work towards:

  • elimination of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of people’s race, sex, disability, age, marital and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief.
  • promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between all persons and to advance and organise co-operation in the achievement of the aforesaid purposes.
  • providing representation and access to justice to individuals experiencing discrimination or harassment on any grounds.
  • working in partnership, using human rights based approach, positively impacting on discriminatory practices, lobbying for, and delivering social justice and policy change.


  • We believe that embracing and promoting the views of those who experience discrimination will create a fairer society.


  • We believe that marginalised people should decide on what changes are needed to improve their lives.


  • We believe people need information in a way that they can understand, reflecting a wide range of views, to help them make informed choices.


  • We respect different views, value local and national knowledge and encourage a range of approaches with different people and communities.


  • We believe in making sure issues that affect those who are marginalized are not ignored or misrepresented, and put right.