Refugees Welcome Here

“For nearly 40 years, the Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality has been at the front line in campaigning to end unlawful discrimination of whatever type and against whichever group. During those decades, our staff, trustees and volunteers have been relentless in promoting acceptance and challenging the powers that be to do the same.   “Contained within ISCRE’s DNA, therefore, is a total commitment to promoting social justice and harmony between the many different traditions that so enrich our county.

Furthermore, ISCRE knows that Suffolk has a proud and longstanding record of welcoming new communities. This fine tradition gives us strength and confidence  that stands us in good stead now as the national media and some groups feel emboldened to spread hatred and lies.   “At the moment it is refugees who are the object of their ire. In previous times it was the Jews, those of African Caribbean descent, people from south Asia and most recently a whole faith system, Islam, that has been vilified, demonised and harassed.   “That is why we welcome, endorse and are in solidarity with the Refugees Welcome Here vigil.  We must all take a stand to speak truth unto power. We stand with you in support for your campaign!”