The Law Centre

The following piece was first published on Poet of Bokonon by our Chair – Chris Cumberbatch

The landlord’s nicked your rent,
mouldy walls and broken glass
your bosses think they’re funny
page three jokes and padded bras
or you’re trying to break even
but the loan shark’s got you fast
last, Remembrance Day has been,
holding back the years
give respect to all our heroes
sacrificial volunteers

but soldiers come in many guises
and they’re not just in the past
the places you might find them
make you stand and wonder-gasp
at the people who are fighting
for your home your job your life
for some it’s only money
but to them it’s worth the strife

never casual or late
just tenacious and persistent
stepping up in hidden teams
in that place called Broken Britain
puts me back in mind of Dickens
inhospitable work conditions
funding crisis cuts divisions
budgets tight after revisions
Gradgrind’s Hard Times and decisions

where its cold outside in winter
till you step inside law centre
these are people there just like you
working harder than a denture
though its nothing like the dentist
you have nothing here to fear
no matter what your age or sex
or colour you appear

in Court, the phone, on paper
where they do the judge a favour
leave her smiling ear to ear
cause she values rights and justice that you find in your law centre
and the best of British values
unrelenting non-relenters
fast debating fact presenters
knowledge based eagle eyed ventures
the legal architectures..

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