Albert Grant OBE – ISCRE Trustee – Receives Honorary Doctorate From The University of Suffolk

On 20th October 2021, Albert Grant OBE received an honorary doctorate from the University of Suffolk. Albert is a prominent community leader who, since he moved to the UK in 1955 at the age of 21, has dedicated his life to tackling racism and fighting to secure equality and justice.

Albert’s life story and achievements are ground-breaking and inspiring to all who strive for the same aims. He was born and educated in Barbados and, upon moving to the UK, he settled in Ipswich. He was one of the first black men in the area and faced the resultant challenges of that, such as securing housing and employment.

In the face of all of this and the reality of systematic racism, Albert looked outward and thought about how he could make a difference for himself and his fellow Commonwealth immigrants. He became a founding member of both the Ipswich Caribbean Association and the Ipswich and Suffolk West Indian Association.

In 1995, Albert pioneered the involvement of Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals in local politics. He was Ipswich’s first Black Councillor and Mayor. In addition to his time as Mayor, he served a year as Deputy Mayor, as well as 26 years as a Councillor.

Albert is also passionate about education and he has taken this forward within the Ipswich Caribbean Association. As part of this, he has put on evening courses, gained funding for a library, and created a Caribbean Saturday School. He has also served as a school governor at multiple schools for over thirty years.

His OBE was awarded for his services to the whole of the Ipswich community.

Albert has been involved with ISCRE since its inception and we are incredibly proud to have him with us now as a trustee.