Criminal Justice

Runymede Trust and University of Greenwich Prisons Report 2017
Interventions carried out by ISCRE’s Community Diversity Officer, Keiran Manners in UK Prisons on:

  1. Improving Outcomes for BAME Prisoners to Improve Equality, – Safety and Decency in Prisons (2016)
  2. Improving Disproportionality in Use-of-Force Incidences for Black and/or Muslim Prisoners in Custody through Self-development (2017)
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Youth Consultation in HMYOI Warren Hill (July 2013)
The Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG) commissioned the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) to conduct a consultation with young people serving custodial sentences at HMYOI Warren Hill.

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Hate Crime in Suffolk: Understanding the Prevalence & Support Need: September 2013
A research to provide independent evidence of: the prevalence of Hate Crime in Suffolk; and the needs of victims and communities affected by Hate Crime across the victimisation themes of race, allegiance to a faith, sexuality, gender identity and disability.

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Stop & Search in Ipswich
ISCRE’s research conducted to unpick the issues contributing to the paradox that sees more Black and Minority Ethnic people being stopped and searched than white people.

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Youth Offending Service Report – August 2011
An Audit of BME Cases at Suffolk Youth Offending Service