Putting race and equality issues to work for your business
There’s a very compelling business case for establishing equality opportunities best practice processes and procedures in the workplace. And it’s well-proven, too: businesses that are working towards achieving and maintaining excellence in their equal opportunities performance throughout every aspect of their operation, can expect to be more profitable, more popular and more resilient to the vagaries of the markets in which they operate.
We first made the following documents at our Race Equality Means Business workshop, which we’ve since presented again on behalf of BUDDIE (Business Understanding Diversity in the East). You can use these documents to help put your business in the ideal position to not only survive, but also thrive in testing financial climates.
And if you need any further help implementing race and equality processes and procedures that make a difference to your bottom line, then do get in touch to see how we can help.
Race Equality Means Business
ISCRE’s Race Equality Action Plan templates, detailing essential actions, who should be responsible for each one, as well as expected timescales.