Leshandra Mandlate

I first became interested in a career in law when I was very young. I tried to argue and reason myself out of everything, which led to a running joke in my family that I was born to be a lawyer. As I grew older I never shook off the idea that I was going to be a lawyer.
I began volunteering at the Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality in the middle of summer 2017. I volunteered at ISCRE as part of my Clinical Legal Education Module in the final year of my Law degree. I chose ISCRE because of its community involvement, particularly in respect of racial equality and awareness – something I feel strongly about. As a volunteer for the legal services department of ISCRE (Tackling Discrimination in the East) I was trusted with tasks from administrative tasks to helping clients fill out forms and drafting letter to the Employment Tribunal, and there was never a dull moment.
Before starting my placement with ISCRE I was nervous because I had not had any real legal experience, but now I am confident that I am equipped with the skills necessary to succeed as a solicitor.
The work done at ISCRE is honestly very fulfilling and my time here has helped me confirm my desire to be able to do a lot of pro bono work, especially back in my native country. I have gained invaluable experience in employment and discrimination law, as well as having had the opportunity to sit in meetings on the community voice side of ISCRE to come up with ideas on how to engage with the young people in the community.
Although I’ve come to the end of my time at ISCRE I am sure that I’ll be back very soon.