Friends of ISCRE

We are very happy to have you join us in creating meaningful initiatives that support ISCRE’s projects and national campaigns. Our hope is that together, we can make a real difference within our communities.

At ISCRE, we are committed to promoting fairness and racial equality.  We value what our community has to say.  We want to listen, and together promote a more just and fair society.

Please keep in touch with our social media and website pages for further updates regarding the Friends of ISCRE!

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Friends of ISCRE Update 21/09/2023

Let’s give you an update on how the Friends of ISCRE community is developing!

Since August, we’ve held two successful meetings, where individuals passionate about equality and fairness have come together to champion inclusivity, community needs, and developing ideas for positive change.

The Friends of ISCRE is in its infancy as a community group.  As we continue to meet and discuss/share ideas that we can act on, we will build a strong community that will support ISCRE to achieve its aims within the community.

One key objective from the group so far is to promote ISCRE and the work that it does, to enable all within our community to understand ISCRE’s role and purpose.

As the group develops, we will continue to share the progress and achievements with you on this page.

If you would like to become a friend of ISCRE, do contact us, together we can achieve so much more!