ISCRE works in two of Suffolk’s prisons to provide assistance to the institutions in meeting their public sector equality duties around the Equality Act 2010.

In addition ISCRE provides advice, guidance and mentoring support to the prisons’ inmates to reduce reoffending. ISCRE’s independent role is unique in that it provides a consistent, supportive point of contact that is not seen as being directly linked to the criminal justice system through statutory obligations. Our scheme provides the inmates with positive role models to help with re-integration into their communities on their release.
HMP Warren Hill 

  • Assisting the staff of HMP Warren Hill in ensuring that BME issues are embedded when developing and implementing policies and procedures;
  • Assisting in ensuring that Race Equality training for Warren Hill staff and Equalities Reps is developed, co-ordinated and implemented in line with the legal duties.
  • Delivery of “Discrimination by Diversity” intervention to people of Warren Hill
  • Engaging with young people from a BME background and addressing their needs prior to the release process

HMP Highpoint Prison

  • Providing assistance/advice/general help under Equality Act 2010
  • Providing independent supervision and monitoring of discrimination incidents
  • Supporting the development of a community development plan, including social interactions and events, which reduce social exclusion, build cohesion between HMP Highpoint and communities in Suffolk, which are sustainable