Stop and Search Reference Group (SSRG)

Anyone with an interest in the police stop and search powers is welcome to attend and contribute to our independent SSRG meetings.

The meetings offer an independent view of the tool’s used across Suffolk and aim to ensure that stop and search is used appropriately. More details of this can be found on the Stop and Search page here.

What is Stop and Search?

This is when a police officer stops you and searches you, your clothes, and anything you are carrying.

The power to stop and search is a valuable policing tool in the fight against crime. It is equally important that communities are reassured that the Suffolk Constabulary use stop and search appropriately, honestly, and transparently.


This is a community led group that brings together members of the public and the police to discuss the disproportionality in people from minoritised backgrounds being stopped & searched. Please take a look at Suffolk’s PROPORTIONALITY OF STOP AND SEARCH USE IN SUFFOLK – BME.

The group examines why this happens, looking at what needs to be done to bring proportionality in the way that Suffolk Police use stop and search powers. The objective is to ensure that grounds are lawful and free from bias.

The groups aims:

  • Hold Suffolk Police to account regarding Stop & Search powers
  • Improve trust and confidence in the way police conduct Stop & Searches
  • Share experiences and highlight community concerns
  • Improve community cohesion in Suffolk

Know your rights!

Photos from ISCRE & Suffolk Police informing children and younger people of their rights if stopped and searched.

Please click here to attend the next SSRG meetings.

Meeting Minutes:

SSRG Meeting Minutes 29.04.2024

SSRG Meeting Minutes 27.01.2024

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