What Are We Missing?

‘#WhatAreWeMissing?’ is a community led initiative aimed at bringing together the ethnic minority communities of Suffolk and surrounding areas, with  leaders and mainstream service providers to co-produce solutions for addressing inequalities exposed by Covid-19.
A range of ‘game-changing’ events have been held, with wide ranging implications for our local services and organisations beyond our local borders. Working with our partners at the Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (IESCCG) and Healthwatch Suffolk, the initiative has kick-started a multitude of actions across services and a genuine will to make things better.

#WhatAreWeMissing? Ipswich and East Suffolk

#WhatAreWeMissing? West Suffolk

For Local People by Local People

Covid-19 Vaccine Listening Event 1
Covid-19 Vaccine Listening Event 2
Covid-19 Questions Answered
Thank you message from BPC
Shayra – Cervical Screening (Bengali)
Selena – Cervical Screening (Romanian)
Monika – Cervical Screening (Polish)
Iolanda – Cervical Screening (Portuguese)

Vaccination Experiences

The Patel Family

#WhatAreWeMissing Face Covering Campaign